Monday, August 29, 2011


Melissa had a best friend named Clara who she met at school. They would tell each other everything including passwords. Well as usual friends have their days when their unhappy with each other. Well that day was one of them. The fight began when Clara liked the same "guy" as Melissa. Well the "guy" as Clara out and Clara said yes, knowing that her friend liked him too.
      Melissa was so upset that she decided to get revenge. The next day she logged on to Clara's account and changed her password and profile picture. The profile picture was of a nude girl with Clara's face on it. When Clara tried logging in, it wouldn't let her log in. So she tried logging in Melissa's account and it wouldn't let her log in either. So she asked Melissa and she said "I don't know, maybe theres a problem with the internet". "I can't log on either." said Melissa. Which was a lie by the way.
      Melissa acted as if nothing had happened. Everyone started looking at Clara, they whispered when she went by and called her names. She didn't even know why. She asked her friend but she just ignored her. Later that day Melissa changed Clara's account back to her old password. Clara tried logging in her account and she was horrified to see her profile picture and what people were commenting. She had no idea who could have done this to her. She remembered that she gave her password to her friend Melissa. But how could she or could it be? She remembered that she dated the "guy" Melissa liked. She couldn't stand that people were whispering when she went by. Her parents were horrified  when they found out. They decided that their daughter needed to start a new life. 
      Before they moved they deleted the account. When they were in California some people knew about it, but not as much as where she had lived. Well she learned her lesson don't share your password with no one besides your parents. Friends will have fights and if they have your password they'll get revenge.

                                                           THE END
                                                            ( I think) 
 This story was inspired by the Nets Smartz videos about Internet safety and exploited children......


  1. I really like this story, how did you get the idea of this story?

  2. I heard many stories about internet safety and well it just came to my mind. Bullying is happening a lot this days.