Tuesday, October 4, 2011


  1. Problem-Which plant would grow better with the variables? (Sunny D) (Water)
  2. Background Knowledge-Sunny D has nutrients such as vitamins and  calcium. Water has fluoride which is good for your teeth but not good for plants. Too much fluoride can kill the plant.
  3. Hypothesis-I predict that the Sunny D watering will make the bean grow better because the Sunny D has more nutrients than water such as Vitamin D and Calcium.
  4. Materials-

-pinto beans
-Sunny D 
-plastic cups
-graduated cylinder
-permanent marker/pencil/paper
-measuring cup/scale/rule
1.Grab 1 of the plastic cups gently and set it on the table.
2. Next, open the soil bag gently and pour 1/2 of of the cup of soil into the cup.
3. Use your finger as a mini shovel and gently put it in the cup and dig about 1 cm down.
4. Get your pinto bean in put in the hole. With your mini shovel finger put 2 to 3 pinches of soil to cover the bean.
5. Repeat steps 1,2,3, and 4 for the other cup.
6. Use your graduated cylinder to pour 15mL of sunny D.
7. Pour the sunny D on 1 of the cups.
8. Use your graduated cylinder to pour 15mL of water.
9. Pour the water on the other cup.
10.Use your permanent marker to label the cup that has Sunny D,A.
11.Use your permanent marker to label the cup that has water,B.
12.Each day record the growth of your beans on a chart.
13.Also each day pour 15mL of sunny D to cup A and water to cup b.
14.Make sure to leave it in sunlight.
     6.Experiment- Already Perform
      7.Collect Data- Already Perform
      8.Conclusion- The Sunny D plant died but the water plant sprouted
      9.Questions for Extensions- What would happen if instead of Sunny D I used sugared water?
                                                      What would have happened if I had increased the amount of watering to  15mL

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  1. Ana,
    I think your project is very interesting, and you are thinking of important questions. I too am doing a biology related science project, involving Root growth at different temperatures. Keep up the good work!

    -Jack5432(age of Exploration blog author)